Friday, September 10, 2010

It's All a Matter of Perspective

I was at the store buying milk.

I usually buy six gallons at a will last anywhere from one to two weeks.

So...I had my six gallons on the belt when the people in front of me noticed my milk.

They started to speculate why I needed so much milk...and the consensus was that I must be running a day care.


sort of.


Kimber said...

If only you were paid to run your "daycare" :)

Helena said...


That reminds me of a story a friend told me... she went to the store to buy a gallon of milk, and was holding it while waiting in line.

The lady next to her asked, "Do you have a small child at home?"

"Yes," she replied, "Why do you ask?"

"Because you're rocking your milk."

Lori said...

Denise, I love reading your blog. There's always something good for a laugh.

Kathleen said...

6 gallons won't even last us a week LOL!

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