Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Fling

We went to King's Dominion on Saturday and the kids had a blast!

Is this the face of happiness or what?

Becky enjoyed a lift from Dad.

Katie did not.

The little kids wanted to ride this roller coaster so the big kids came along for the ride. Mikayla was hoping to ride with Katie or Becky, however, ending up sitting with her dad, was questioned for being too tall and just thoroughly embarrassed to be seen with us. haha.

Joe had some serious hat head.

Josh felt he was too big to be riding on the kiddie rides and did not want to go...although I think he secretly enjoyed himself.

Emma took some time to practice smiling with her braces. She's not quite ready for picture day.

And this was my favorite part of the whole day. YUM.

Oh wait. Maybe THIS was my favorite part.


Kathleen said...

Oh YUM. That funnel cake looks DELICIOUS.

alexandra said...

Shoot! I had four free vouchers for meals at King's Dominion. Ana won them at a baseball game over the summer. I sent them out on the ward email list but didn't think to ask anyone else. You might have been able to have that funnel cake for FREE!

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