Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heavy Metal

Joseph and Emma have joined the metal brigade at our house.

They are both now sporting a mouth full of braces.

Now there are three of them.

Neither Troy nor I had braces as a kid...but for some reason all our kids just have the worst problem! Poor Joe even needed a second appliance installed behind his teeth in addition to his braces.

Mikayla only has a year left in her braces and the twins have two.

I can't wait!


onehm said...

Sweet G says "That's Cool." :)
I must say that I'm not looking forward to paying for 5 kids in braces. Could buy a pretty nice car for what it will cost us. But those beautiful smiles are worth it!!
(I can't imagine three at once though!! You guys are committed!)

Melanie said...

They all look super-cute! And hey, 2 years is better than the FIVE years I needed to fix my screwed up teeth. But I feel for your pocket-book!

alexandra said...

Please tell me they're giving you a group discount at your orthodontist!

Kimber said...

It will pass before you know it - we're almost done with Krissia (yea!). Just look at the bright side - at least the kids are getting this done before high school; poor Krissia is a senior and has to deal with them!

Ben and Anne said...

They all look so much more mature!! When did that happen? Well, I guess since we don't see you every week it makes a huge difference! Hope you had an awesome summer vacation! We'll have to have you guys out--we have a raclette grill. :)

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