Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo Overload, Part 1

I have had some people ask for more photos of I have been trying to get some processed...and posted. is the first installment of Greece, in all her glory.

The Temple of Poseidon

The Acropolis

And...since I haven't finished processing all my photos of the Acropolis...i'll give you a break and stop there.

By the you like the new, bigger photos? Can you see them okay? Do they fit on your screen? Let me know.



Chelle said...


Lara said...

The bigger photos fit perfectly on my screen and look like they should be on a postcard. You are an amazing photographer and Greece looks stunning!

Austin and Mariko said...

Beautiful shots!

Me said...

Can I use one of the photos for my desktop? These are SO amazing!

Kelli said...

Photos are perfect size and they are AMAZING!

Andrea said...

Suggestion...print these out right away and frame them!! They deserve some wall space (if not at your house, then mine)!!!

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