Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well...as I sit here blogging from Greece...i'm thinking I could get used to this.

I feel so lucky to be here and so grateful to my parents for being willing to watch the kids. I'm sorry to miss the first week of school, but I know the kids are in good hands.

I have already had such amazing experiences...I don't think I ever thought that I would be able do something like this.

Yesterday, we were able to take a trip down to the southern most part of Greece to a city called Sounion, where we saw the Temple of Poseidon.

Can I just say holy cow awesome!!!! This temple has stood since the 5th Century BC...and has seens hundreds of years come and go...even Lord Byron was inspired by the sight and carved his name on the temple (naughty!).

We were able to explore the area and even watch the sunset.

Today, Troy worked all day...so I headed off the city by myself.

I was able to see the Acropolis including the really spectacular Parthenon.

This photo was taken from Areopagus...a limestone rock where Paul the Apostle delievered one of his famous speeches.


I also visited the Odeon of Herodes, the Theatre of Dionysus, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Ancient Agora, the Plaka, and Syntagma Square.

It was here in the Square I was able to see the tomb of the Unknown Solider (in front of the Parliament Building) and see the fabulous changing of the Greek Guard.

Do me a favor...if you see my kids...give them a hug for me!


Andrea said...

Miss you tons! Don't let Greece steal you away!!!

Charlene said...

What a fabulous trip you are taking!! Please send more pictures so I can vicariously enjoy Greece with you!!

Kimber said...

Greece is on my list of must-see places....you're so lucky! I hope you and Troy have a great time.

Chelle said...

OPA! So fun to see your pics! Hope you are having a great time!

Jen said...

Wow! What a vacation/trip. Enjoy!

Monique said...

Kalimera! (which means good morning!!) So glad you're having a good time! You'll be exhausted after all that sightseeing in such a short time!! No Jet lag problems?? Enjoy your tour of history!

Ben & Anne said...

Looks amazing! Too bad Troy has to work.

Amberlyn said...

Holy Cow Amazing is right!!! My son is going to go ape over this post. He's read all the Percy Jackson books and is in love with Mythology.

You've done a great job capturing such an amazing place.

Again, Jealousy reigns supreme.

Lara said...

You are on my dream vacation right now! What an amazing experience for you and Troy!

The Beatty Beehive said...

Can I just say.... (big sigh) wow! What amazing things you are seeing. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could hide in your pocket or better yet, be right by your side loving every minute! Enjoy!

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