Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fat and Happy

I'm glad to be home.

The kids were so happy to see us and we were equally happy to see the kids.

They were all doing fine and had a really good time with grandma and grandpa.

Especially since...grandma indulged them like crazy. (She had bought them a five pound bag of chocolate before we left...which was gone...and had to go out and buy two more pounds. lol!

I hope the kids are going to be okay with then end of the gravy train -- or the chocolate train, as the case may be.

So, we are trying to get back into the swing of things...getting FIVE kids to school is WORK! lol!

Five kids, you say?


Because Miss Becky started preschool yesterday.

She was so excited...especially since she has Mrs. B - who was also Josh's teacher.

I can't believe how big she is!

All the kids seemed taller and older after being gone from them only a week.

Why does that happen?


Lara said...

Today is Ellie's first day of preschool too and I'm loving the quiet house!

Emily Merchant said...

Love the picture of Becky. She is looking so grown up.

The real question is: what does a mother of six do with herself when there is only one child at home. Granted, it is Houdini-Katie, but still, what do you do?

Lina said...

She looks so great!!! Konstantina started preschool last week, lol!!!

And I have the same question!! Really what do you do? xo,xo

Jen said...

What a knock-out!!!!!
That Becky Beatty is a cutie!!!
Glad your back :)

Kimber said...

Maybe it was all the chocolate that made your kids grow so quickly - lol :)

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