Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cause It Looked Inviting

So...i've been able to go from way too many photos (Greece) to not even one photo (today).

I was getting in the shower this morning. I turned it on to let it warm up a little...and the phone rang.

I went to answer the phone and when I got back...Katie was enjoying my nice warm shower...fully clothed right down to her socks.


And me with no camera!

Oh well...picture it in your mind...um...you know...the part where KATIE is in the shower.


Chelle said...

One of my favorite MOM memories is when I got Emily(20mos) ready, ran myself a tub, and while I was getting out my clothes she jumped in. I changed and got her ready AGAIN, took her downstairs to her Dad, re-ran my tub, was finishing getting out my clothes only to hear another splash and giggles.
After the third time of getting her dressed and ready, I strapped her in the car seat -- in the bathroom where i could keep an eye on her--and got myself ready.

Monique said...

So glad to see Katie's still keeping you busy!! What will you do with yourself when SHE will start school??

Lara said...

Adam has done that exact same thing before! Aren't kids the best?

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