Sunday, September 27, 2009

Duh, Mom!

Miss Becky and I stayed home from church today. She wasn't feeling well, and since I didn't have to teach (and Troy did) it was easily decided that I would stay home

Well, Becky was regulated to the couch to sip ginger ale and watch cartoons, and she is quiet adept at the remote.

At one point, when I went in to check on her, she was watching Sesame Street. Bert and Ernie (mostly Ernie) were singing a song, and many of the words that I could hear were in Spanish.

"Hummm." I thought. I know Sesame Street likes to be diverse so I didn't think much of least until I went back in to check on Becky and she was now watching a documentary about desert life, which was also in Spanish.

Only then did I realize that she was actually watching the Spanish Language channel.

I asked her why she was watching this channel, she said, "Well...Elmo was on."

Oh. Of course. Duh, Mom!

ps. Becky is much improved. Must have been a fluke.


Heather said...

Becky is much too adorable for her own good. :) You'll have to make a trap door into a cellar to hide her for the next 20 years before word gets out how exquisitely beautiful she is and all the males of the world are knocking down your door.

Wait, that already happens with your oldest, doesn't it? What a good problem to have. :)

Loved your Greece photos!

Jen said...

The "fluke flu" must be going around because Julianne woke up Sunday morning sick, but by the time I got home from church she was fine.
Oh well...glad she's doing better.

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