Friday, April 1, 2011

Personal Space

We ate frozen dinners, had piles of laundry, and just spent a week with the house in chaos.


Because I finally got my office done -- my own office. my own space. yay.

We moved Troy out of the office and made some space for him upstairs. I spent some time moving everything out of the room. I painted, put up new shelves and got everything put back in. I still have more craft supplies to move into my office, and plan of purging anything that doesn't fit into my office - can't wait for that!

here are the BEFORE photos:

and here are the AFTER photos:

the walls are a pretty, pale gray and i love my little reading nook. i'm so happy to have my own space! 


Jen Graham said...

The chair looks comfy and I love your jars and boxes for your storage. :)

Shari said...

I was looking at your "before" pictures thinking "wow, that really looks nice" then I realized they were the "before" pictures. lol The "after" pictures look way more fun but I would be happy to have either one in my house. :) Lucky!!!

Jamie said...

Lucky duck! I'm not sure I'll ever get my own space. A bit of jealousy going on here. :)

Abby said...

I seriously love this :) It looks so awesome!

Andrea said...

The first two rooms threw me off!!

Looks great.

Hilary said...

Denise that is beautiful!
You can not leave it.
Like, I'd sleep there. :)

EmmaJ said...

Super cuteness! WOW, want to come and do my office for me. There will be no painting, not a lot of moving... mainly it is just putting things away that I got out and haven't put back yet.

Kate said...

Oh bliss!! Lucky you, that looks wonderful! My dream room would have jars of buttons and many bookshelves too :)

Mariko said...

Ahhhh, it looks so good!! And how wonderful to have space dedicated just for you!

Monique said...

Your space looks so inviting, Denise! Can i come by and create something? I promise I won't say a word, so not to disturb your reading! Congrats on your new space.

Lara said...

I'd be thrilled with any room in my house that looked as good as your 'before' pictures! I am also a little jealous of the whole personal space concept too. There is precious little of that around here.

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