Monday, April 4, 2011

the fun zone

It seems like just yesterday that Joe and Emma were born. 

And somehow that seems like a million years ago.

These tiny little people came into the world at just 4 pounds and 5 pounds. And look at them now.

12 years old. And they have both earned their Faith in God award (a program for children 8 to 11 at church). And now are ready to graduate to the young men and young women's programs (a program for youth 12 to 18 at church).

It feels like such a big step...and all the more poignant because there are two of them. 

And we celebrated in style ... with a party at skate and fun zone ... including skating, laser tag, video games and more. The kids had a blast! 

They thought the fun machine was amazing. 

I am so proud of these kids and the good choices they make. They are truly wonderful.

Happy Birthday Joe and Emma! 

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