Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Monday

Last week was a disaster -- cooking wise.

I just cannot do a home improvement project and manage to keep the house clean and cook.

So we ate a lot of fast food and frozen dinners last week.

But my project is done...and menus are back on. 

O have been trying to lose weight...all these menus have taken their toll on my waistline. know. that, six kids and a whole lotta chocolate. : )

I tried atkins for the last couple of weeks, but I thought it was too restrictive to be realistic for me. I found myself missing veggies. who knew?

So, next week I am going to try south beach. It's a little more this week I thought I would fill in the gap with recipes from -- I am hoping that these taste good...because they look amazing!

And seriously...going to make these:

And in the spirit of full disclosure...I fell off the sugar wagon this weekend. White Chocolate Bread Pudding at Sweetwater. 2 of Janet Cherry's freaking amazing lemon drop cookies. A little chocolate. And birthday cake.


When I fall...I fall hard.

But, even though I didn't lose any weight not eating sugar...I did feel better and I plan find a way to eliminate (most) sugar from my life. I think there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat -- but it was really more a way of life for me. 

I did manage to go 3 weeks without it. That's a big deal for me. And it gives me hope.

AND... i'm 93 days without caffeine. 


Amanda said...

Thanks for that Nojito recipe!! I need some N/A beverages for summer! :) And you are my hero..93 days w/o caffeine. I would die.

Janet said...

In the spirit of full disclosure, (yes I lurk and yes I rarely comment :) ) the Lemon Drop cookies come from Lara at love her stuff. And the title of "freakin' amazing" should be reserved for your heavenly spring rolls!

Heather said...

Okay Denise, do tell us about the spring rolls - is there a recipe a fellow Korean gal could borrow? :)

I too have been trying to watch what I eat to rid myself of the post-pregnancy poochiness. I drink a huge glass of water before I start any meal (and before snacks), and it's helped a lot. This way, I can still eat what I want but not scarf down too much. Also, frozen grapes make good snacks when the munchies hit....

Good luck to you! I like your menu posts, btw.

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