Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Randomness


I cannot believe that it snowed today. I was totally unprepared to clean the snow off my car this morning as we headed out for church.

I had already packed away all the winter clothes. Apparently...I jumped the gun.

Let's hope that really is the end of it...because I am so ready for a little warmth.

And in further randomness...Katie has taken to calling me Sister Beatty.

Troy had never heard her call me that before and it totally caught him off guard.

I had gotten Katie a bag of m&m's yesterday and Troy said, "Tell your mom thank you."

She said, "Thanks Sister Beatty."

Cracks me up.

Finally...we have a gimp in the house again...and it isn't me!

Poor Mikayla took a spill and wound up with a sprained ankle.

She needs to stay off it a few days...but she should recover in pretty short order.


Stephen said...

Sister Beatty, you are so organized, having your winter stuff already packed away. Luckily for us this morning I am not so on top of things and Betty had a warm coat to grab. The funny thing is, I have been looking at all our hats and coats and gloves for weeks thinking I need to pack them away.

Stephen said...

Opps, that was from me, Emma- Steve is not leaving comments on your blog. Sorry.

Lara said...

I wouldn't be able to stop giggling if any of my kids started calling me Sister Goold! What a cutie she is. I remember, way back in the day, when Cami used to call you Sister Baby. :)

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