Thursday, March 10, 2011

At a Loss

Feeling overwhelmed.

I tore apart my office so I could get it painted, but I have lost all my motivation.

My piles of stuff...they are piling up.

And I have so many things on my to do list...instead of getting anything done, i'm not doing any of them.

How do you get your motivation back?


Emily Merchant said...

I have no idea! I have so been there lately. If you figure it out, please, share the pointers.

Lara said...

I say don't worry about the office and relax and read a good book. :)

Charlene said...

Have a painting party and invite your friends to paint with you!! I will come and help!!!

alexandra said...

I don't. I find when I get overwhelmed like that I start to play Mahjong - a lot. And I start checking out friends' blogs though I told myself I wouldn't. Speaking of which. . .

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