Saturday, March 12, 2011

Play Hard

What do you do with a houseful of crazy children? 

Well...when there are 10 of load them into two cars and hit one of the funnest parks around -- fantasy park in woodbridge.

The kids had a blast.

The big ones.

The honorary Beatty ones.

The in between ones.

The little ones.

The kids loved this slide -- and it was FAST.

So fast in fact...katie went down -- and evan landed right on her.

Really -- is there a better way to go through life?


Cristie Jensen said...

Looks like a lot of fun, where is it located in Woodbridge?

Denise said...

it's in the lake ridge area old bridge -- just after smoketown.

Lara said...

It looks like a fun place! We'll have to add it to our rotation of super cool parks.

melissa said...

a park I didn't know of! Thanks for sharing. I wanted to mention... I've been checking in on your menu's and I appreciate many of the recommendations. Thank you! And by the way I must say I am quite amazed at how well behaved your entire pew was on Sunday (we were sitting in front of your row) that was a full crowd you managed and it was cute to see how well all the kids got along with each other!


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