Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Monday

It's been 79 days since i've had a coke zero. And...the craving hasn't lessened.


But, i'll let you know how it goes in 79 more. Because I really am committed to making this change.'s been 7 days since i've had any sugar.

That might not seem like a big deal to you, but for me it's huge.

I have been using splenda in my recipes -- and no one has noticed the change. And...I did have a little piece of Melanie's A-MAZING baked french toast -- which I think had some real sugar in it...but no treats of any kind.

I have really wanted needed to make this change in my life...but every time I start a diet I fail miserably. So, I am taking a page from my friend Jeff and viewing this as a lifestyle.

As a major stress eater and a serious sugar pretty much has to be a lifestyle. And since i've gone public with this...i'm really committed. **eek**

I don't plan on this lasting forever (the no sugar thing)...but long enough so that I can make it an occasional thing...rather than an every day necessity.

So...onto the menus.

Last week i tried something new...and decided to try and shop twice instead of once. Of course, this did not work out at all.

I actually only ended up making half my menu and never did get back to the grocery store. So...lesson learned. I need to shop for the entire week at once.

Last week's menu:

Grilled Thai Beef Salad -- This was soooooo good. My gosh -- the marinade/salad dressing were delicious. I think will be making this dressing and keeping it in the fridge. KEEPER

Knife and Fork Chili Turkey Burger -- This also was delicious. I omitted the bell peppers and I thought this was wonderful. KEEPER

And...we didn't get to the rest. (life never does go how you planned it, does it?)

So...this week:

KalBi (Korean BBQ)
Chicken and Basil Stir Fry
skirt steak tacos
chicken tikka masala
coconut curry chicken

i think i'm hungry now. : )


EmmaJ said...

I'm proud of you! I don't think I could go seven hours without sugar (except for when sleeping). I can at least blame the baby. Maybe I'll take up your challenge after she arrives.

delilas said...

SO Denise it does not get easier. I stopped sort of eating sugar - candy, cake, cookies, white flour breads etc.., I mean sort of because I don't worry so much about the real food with sugar- dressings, sauces, protein dishes. I did this the first of March and I have lost about 4 lbs but I can tell I have lost some inches in my butt and boobs. Worth it? yes Easy? No. I keep a lot raw fruit and veggies around to snack on. I have been eating more squashes, green peppers, cucumbers. I do have a bit more energy but my mood is not always happy and cheerful, hopefully that will improve. Good job on the coke Zero!!! I also want it to be a lifestyle change. I don't want to be controlled by bad food. Keep it up!!!! I also have been taking my measurements and keeping a food and exercise journal which I have loved doing, surprisingly.

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