Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Last Time

My Josh is a scout.


With his baptism fast approaching, Josh was invited to join the cub scouts at church this week.

He had a blast.

I am excited that he is excited. But not excited to do scouts again.

Luckily...for the last time.

Yep....this is me doing my happy dance.


alexandra said...

You are SO going to get called to be a den leader. Just you wait.

Shari said...

Oh joy! As much as I love the scouting program (we are on Eagle Scout #4 project this month) I truly swore when I found out this said #4 was going to be a boy solely because it meant doing Scouting again. lol
I'll be joining you in Cubs again in July. Oh joy!
Tell Josh I said congrats and I can't wait to see how sharp he looks in his uniform.

Monique said...

I so have no idea what this is all about, but YEAH for Josh, and good luck to you, Denise. (I think these remarks are appropriate for this post, but not completely sure, lol)

Kimber said...

Scouting is a great program...but a LOT of work!

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