Friday, November 12, 2010

Down But Not Out

So I broke my ankle.

Doing what you ask?


I know. It isn't very exciting.

Troy says I am uncoordinated.

I can't disagree.

But I think of this as more of an unfortunate accident than any actual impairment on my part.

I was thinking I could get a lot done during this forced down time, but I can't sit at my computer and Mikayla's laptop does not have any of my photos or software on it, so I have been reading. not a bad way to spend my time, but I am feeling slightly less than productive.

I am scheduled to see the orthopedist on Monday, so hopefully things will be better after that.

If you can think of a better story for me to tell people as to how I broke my ankle, I would love your input.


Jen said...

I like the walking story. :)
Let us know if you need anything.

alexandra said...

Gasp! I had no idea! That totally stinks, Denise. Forced down time is only good with a working computer.

But you do need a better story. We live in D.C. You should be able to add some element of international intrigue to it. For example, "I was walking to my usual pickup point when I inexplicably fell to the ground. I must have been hit by some debilitating sort of EMT pulse. Guess my cover's blown."

Okay. That one's lame, but you're the one in bed reading loads of books. You can come up with something much better, I'm sure!

Kari said...

I can't believe you broke your ankle! That is such a bummer ... especially when it takes you away from the computer that "own" your pics and software!! I say you download a free trial from Adobe onto the laptop to use while you're away from your computer and have your hubby get you some pics on a flash drive! Wish I was there to help ... I'd bring you treats and watch chick flicks with you all day!!

Shaelyn said...

Oh no!! I hope it heals fast. The only thing I can think of is saving a baby from a runaway horse and your ankle got trampled on.

Neverland Scraps said...

Oh my goodness Denise, my heart goes out to you ((hugs)) A good story?! Well you know my story right how I broke my leg in 11-places?! It grows every time we tell it but it goes something like this (Feel free to use it, modify it and make it your own)

I was outside and heard a yelp. When I found out where the noise was coming from, up on the roof, I discovered a tiny kitten had fallen into the raingutter. Being the middle of winter, I couldn't leave the thing stranded on my roof. So I climbed the ladder and carefully climbed on to the roof to get the kitten out of the gutter. Once the cat was nestled in my coat, I carefull came down from the ladder (ha, bet you thought I broke my leg there?! Nope, not there) Once down I decided to find its owner so I started walking the neighborhood, knocking on doors. At one house the neighbors dog came running after me and I slipped on a patch of ice. As I was falling I didn't want to crush the kitten in my coat, so I braced my fall with my hands (bet you thought THAT's where I broke my leg?!) After landing on the cold ground, the kitten leaped out of my coat with the dog chasing after. I quickly stood up and started chasing the naughty dog chasing the poor helpless kitten. It was then that I crossed the street and was struck by a car breaking my leg into 11 places! You see, I was just trying to keep the kitten safe from the dog *Sniff, sniff* Now if you only knew the REAL story! *laughs*

Have fun with the many stories you can make about breaking your ankle. Im sorry it happened, ankles are the worst and take the longest to heal. If you ever need a gimpy friend to chat with about the paink you know how/where to find me ((hugs)) I'll be praying for you sweetie

Neverland Scraps said...

Oh one more thing.....when I broke my leg and was on bedrest all that time, my father set up my husbands laptop that I could "hack" into my computer from his computer. I could see and use everything on my computer (as long as it was on of course) but still using his laptop.

What type of computer do you have? If you have a PC, you should be able to do it really easy. If you want to be able to "hack" into your own computer I can get you the directions so you can get on your computer via the laptop with a few button clicks. Let me know

Melanie said...

Oh no Denise! Sorry to hear about this - that really stinks. And totally sounds like something I would do...

Tell people you're secretly a ninja in your down time and things got a little out of control recently :)

onehm said...

You are so funny.
I had a friend who broke her foot trying on high heels at a department store. She was sooooo embarassed.
Just thought you might know you are not alone. I totally twisted my ankle walking home from church last year. It hurt SO BAD!! Hopefully your family will take care of you while you are healing.

Pressed Petals said...

oh no! man, so sorry to hear that!

Ben and Anne said...

Sorry to hear about the ankle! Hope your dr. appt. goes well.

Heather said...

Oh no! What a way to take a short hiatus, mom. :)

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