Monday, November 22, 2010


Josh was baptized today.

It was a beautiful day.

A wonderful baptism.

I want to remember every moment.

Josh was so excited to be baptized. I was excited for him.

But, more than excitment, I think, was reverence for the good choice he was making today.

Josh is always a good kid, but sometimes his enthusiasm gets in the way of good behavior.

In fact, as Josh was getting dressed today in his white clothing, his dad told him that he needed to put on the jumpsuit.

Well. That was that. Josh spent the next five minutes jumping up and down, cause, what else do you do in a jumpsuit?

But even with all the anticipation of his baptism Josh was aware of what was happening, and I think feeling the spirit. As soon as he and Troy returned from changing, something came over Josh.

He sat so reverently for each of the wonderful talks that were given.

He sang with enthusiasm.

He was especially thirlled to recieve the gift of the holy ghost.

And the spirit was so strong.

I felt such overwhelming love for Josh and for my father in heaven who gave us this sweet spirit to raise.

I felt such love for all the people who were able to come and spend this day with us. We have such good friends.

And everyone who participated today meant something special to Josh.

How blessed we are.


Kimber said...

Happy Birthday Josh; we are so proud of the choice you made to be baptised.

Hilary said...

a. you look so skinny and cute.
b. I love baptisms, especially my own kid. Kind of a glimpse into how this is really heavenly father's child that I'm just in charge of.

IT is an awfully LONG playdate though. :)

Troy said...

You forgot to mention that the heater went out and the water was a balmy 55 to 60 degrees!

Helena said...

Ahh, that's a great photo. I love the jumping in a jumpsuit part.

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