Monday, November 29, 2010

Keep The Old

We were able to have old friends over for dinner last night. Well, they are not old (except for Roger), we just have known them a really long time.

Charlene and I were roommates at BYU and so at the same stage of life. We went to school together, and even dated and married within days of each other.

And now all these years later, they have moved to Virginia and we were able to see each other again...and the years just melted away.

What a blessing.

It was so fun to laugh and laugh and just enjoy each others company...and to know that some things just endure.

How grateful I am for good friends!

1 comment:

Charlene said...

Yes it was!! It was such a great night!! Definitely need to get together on a regular basis. Your schedule seems much busier than ours so let us know when it works for you. I will talk to Roger about the 17th and get back to you. That week grades are due for Marymount and his online class so I need to check with him about it!

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