Friday, November 21, 2008


So, today is the day.

Josh if SIX!!!!

Holy cow.

I can hardly believe it has come so quickly.

So, in honor of Josh's birthday, I wanted to tell you six things I love about Josh.

1. He is always happy.

2. He ALWAYS smiles when he has done something wrong...maybe this explains why he always seems like he is happy. LOL!

3. He asks the best questions...stuff that is deep and funny...that grown ups sometimes ask, but that he intuitively gets.

Like, why do we park on a driveway?

4. He is the best BIG brother. (Notice I had to qualify that, although is the CLASSIC little brother!) He adores his little sisters and would do anything to keep them safe, make them happy, and just loves them.

5. He is super sensitive. It is amazing to me how much feeling and emotion little boys carry around. He hates to get in trouble. LOL! oh well.

6. He is a great kid. Josh was the first kid that I got to be a full-time SAHM with, and I have to admit that I spoiled him a little. (Okay, a LOT.) And, Troy was still at the law firm then, so we saw little of him...consequently, Josh got the soft touch...but we have worked with him on being more responsible and reliable, and he is really coming along.

So, Joshy, Happy Birthday. Hope it's a good one.


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Mara said...

Many happy returns, Josh!

Brianna said...

Happy Birthday! Eve just turned 6 too...would have been fun to have stayed in VA and had our babies so close...
Enjoy 6!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Super Josh!!

Lara said...

Has it really been six years? Our baby boys are all grown up and losing teeth now.

Happy birthday Josh!

The Beatty Beehive said...

I can't believe he has reached the big "6"! Happy birthday Josh!

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