Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night Traditons

What did you do on election night?

I normally spend it glued to the TV, completely absorbed in who is winning and who is losing.

But, this year, I thought I'd try something different.

Melanie and I got 60 quarts of applesauce done. (That would be 200 pounds of apples, thank you very much.)

There is something SUPER satisfying about doing the work and seeing all those wonderful bottles of goodness.

But, sadly, I don't like applesauce either.

I SWEAR, the next time I can, I am so doing something I actually like!

At least my family will appreciate it. Right?


Melanie said...

Cute picture! I'm still water-bathing....

Puhlman said...

HOLY COW that is a ton of apples. Where did you get the apples? Looks like a ton of work.

Lara said...

Wow--I think that would take us 60 years or so to get through that much applesauce. Sounds like fun though and even better with a good friend!

Andrea said...

Blah--glad you enjoyed it, though! We stayed home in our "sick house" and slept.

Amy said...

Good Job!

The last time I canned was when Robin and I destroyed my condo kitchen making spaghetti sauce.

I hope applesauce is easier than that was!

alexandra said...

I bought six jars of applesauce for food storage several years ago and we just opened the final jar last week. Just what exactly do you plan to do with it all?

Jolinda said...

Remind me to send a recipe for yummy applesauce bread...you've got to make that stuff into something edible!

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