Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quite the Haul

So, October officially goes down as the worst on record, and I can only be thankful that it's over!!!

It was so bad...I skipped what has become a Beatty family tradition. I did not make Halloween costumes. It was the first time since I have had kids that I didn't make our costumes.

But, it is what it is, and I just couldn't do it. So the kids made do with what we had in the Halloween boxes.

And this is what they came up with.

First, the bootiful witch Mikayla.

Then we have the spooktacular mermaid Emma.

And, Joe had to be a Jedi padowan.

Let's not forget about SuperJosh.

Then, of all things, we have Velma from the Scooby Do gang, or Becky Velma as she likes to be called.

And, finally, baby Tink.

The kids had a really good time Trick or Treating. It was particularly fun to go with all our friends, as the Taylors, the Joneses, and the Hobbs, as well as Emma's friend Megan all came along. We were quite the crowd, with fifteen kids between us.

My favorite moment was when Josh said, "Mom, I'm tired. Can you carry my bag and go ask those people to give me candy."

"Um. No."

I also enjoyed Katie's attempt to get candy. She was so excited to finally get her very own candy, she sat contentedly in her Dad's arms until it was gone. Then she wiggled down and scrambled to another door step to try and get another piece.

My children, the candy hounds.


Brianna said...

I still have pictures of the Halloween we spent together all those years ago. Joe and Emma were Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. They were so cute! I seem to remember you being a big chicken. You made me go into the store to buy you something to drink because we had gone to the ward party and it wasn't on Halloween. I was dressed as a cheerleader with pig tails and fake freckles. It was such a fun night.
I think your kids looked great this year. Think of all the time and money you saved by sending them to find their own costumes! Such a good way to go.
Happy Halloween!

alexandra said...

I have to admit I'm in shock! But considering the fact that over the years you've created enough costumes to open your own shop, it's not like you left the kids scrambling for a costume. I know you're big on themes, but lets say that this year's is "A Little Bit of Everything!"

After sewing up until the last minute for last year's Halloween (and still having to pin things on people), I told them that this year they could be whatever they found in the box. So they all just put on last year's outfits (which unlike you was pretty much all we had!).

Bringhurst Family said...

The last time I made all my kids costumes was when I had only one child!

Paulette said...

Such cute halloween costumes, especially with all the cute kids in them. I'm glad your October ended on such a fun note. Love you,

Lara said...

They all look so adorable...a far cry from my kids' costumes this year! I especially love little baby Tinkerbell.

Kimber said...

The kids look great, as do your photos in the other blog. What can I're amazing!

Amberlyn said...

I was so looking forward to seeing your post on Halloween and the costumes that you were going to come up with this year!!!

I am amazed that you did it as long as you had.

Your kids still look great and I'm sure they had a great time trick or treating even though they weren't in hand made coordinating regalia.

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