Monday, January 9, 2012

The Craft Room

We got new carpet this week in a couple areas of the house...and while I love love love the new carpet, it was so much work to move everything out, and finally back in.

But, the upside is that I finally got my craft room organized how I wanted.

You may remember that I redid my office a while back and installed new shelving, and while I got what was in my office mostly organized, I still had a huge amount of crafting supplies in the basement.

Well, I got it all upstairs and I was determined that if it didn't fit in my craft room, I was getting rid of it.

So, after a major purge and a lot of reorganization I got in all in here and I am so happy to have it all in one place. is the final product.

The shelving.

The reading nook.

My desk.

And here's the breakdown of the shelving:

I love the white shelving and all the fun colors. And I am so happy to have all my supplies in one place.

Now I just need to make a run to the goodwill!


Shaelyn said...

Looks nice!!

Hilary said...

It looks SO great Denise! LOVE IT!

Mariko said...

love all those baskets and jars!

Helena said...


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