Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Little Word

Another year has passed, each one quicker than the last.

January always seems like such a good time to make a fresh start...and this time is no exception.

Last year I wanted to do the one little word project -- one word to focus on for the year -- and last year, I choose the word patience.

Well, part way through the year I changed my word from patience to stronger. (Obviously I need to work on patience. lol), but I really needed to remember that I am stronger than I think am. And I feel like I made good progress on that goal.

This year...I wanted to keep pushing forward...spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

So, I choose the word BELIEF. Belief in myself. Belief in things bigger than myself. Belief that I can be just exactly the person I am supposed to be.

We will also be having a family home evening soon and choosing one little word for our family as well.


Hilary said...

I like it, a lot...
I believe in you, denise. :)

EmmaJ said...

My word last year was calm. I felt like it kept popping up in scriptures and talks all year. This year I have chosen embrace as my word.
I love your word. Good luck with your year.

Monique said...

My very best wishes for a very happy new year for you and your family, Denise! Good luck with your little word this year. The word might be little, but the meaning can be quite BIG!

Krisi said...

Great word for you. Miss seeing you around forums and galleries.

Love the idea of a family word, we may just do that this week.

I think my words for this year are smart choices. I want to make smart choices with time, food, exercise, volunteer time, etc.

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