Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bit the Bullet

So...I did it.

I bit the bullet.

I joined (re-joined) weight watchers today.

I have mixed feelings about it.

I know I need to be healthier and I really have sincerely tried to lose weight over the years -- but I am a stress eater and someone who doesn't deal well with delayed gratification.

This is not a good combination.

But I have several friends who have had great success on the program, and the latest, my friend Lauril is a total inspiration to me.

I lost a lot of weight right after Katie was born and one of my happiest moments was realizing that everything in the plus size store was just too big and I needed go shop at a regular store. Seriously. O Happy Day.

But i've been stuck where I am for quite a while, and in fact noticed the scale starting to move in the wrong direction.

I refuse to go there again.

But I also know I need to do something different to make any lasting change in my life and I hope this is the start.

I have made a real effort to move away from the pessimistic, somewhat sad person that I used to be and it's been a strange thing.

I have tried to complain less. To look for the good more. To let go of the past. Not to beat myself up for mistakes.

And now I am hoping I am ready to take the next step. Being optimistic. Believing in myself. Believing that I can do hard things.

We have started to get up at 5:30 am and having family scripture study and family prayer. It's so very hard at time of day to get up and do it.

But I have already seen what a huge blessing it's been to our family and  I think it fits right in there with the idea that we can all do hard things.

At some point today I even had the thought that it might be helpful to tape some positive affirmations up on my mirror to reinforce the idea that I know can do this. That I can choose this for myself.

That's when I realized that somewhere along the way I have started to be like my perennially happy husband -- and it gave me a moment of pause.

I think that's the last place I expected my life's journey to take me!


Hilary said...

You can do it, you can do it! WW Works!

Mariko said...

Go Denise!! I am up for a walk anytime!

Heather said...

Go, Denise, go! Yes, you CAN do hard things.

Shari said...

You go girl!

lbugsh2 said...

once again you amaze and inspire way to go girl. Keep it up.

Tia said...

oh I love you! I know you can do it! If you want some inspiration, you can watch the biggest loser. Sometimes when I'm running and I'm just tired and want to stop, I think of one of the trainers, and they're yelling at me....in my mind. ha! It makes me finish though :)

byufan2 said...

Way to go Denise! That first tentative step was a huge deal to me too. I hardly dared believe it was possible, but it was! It was! We've recommitted to scripture study too. It's hard here, and I've realized we need the reinforcement more than ever. I'm happy for you & wish you all the best!

Lauril said...

Wow! You can do it! You are the one who always inspires me. I love the freedom and the accountability that weight watchers gives me.

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