Monday, March 12, 2012

Life is a Zoo

We played hooky today. Shhhh. : )

Troy had the day off work and suggested that we take the little kids to the zoo.

So, off we went -- and we could not have picked a nicer day. 70 degrees. sunny. perfect.

The orangatans were out when we got there and this was one of everyone's favorite things. Love seeing them move about the zoo on the overhead lines.

The kids had a blast!

This pizza playground is so funny.

Some of the other favorite animals of the day:

The Big Cats.

The turtles.

Loved the stinging nettles.

Always love the butterfly house. I guess it's too early in the season as there were only two types of butterflies out today.

And who doesn't love the pandas? We got to see them both outside and inside today. Very cool.

And each of the kids wanted a turn with the I turned over my baby and they each too a photo. This one from Becky was one of my favorites.


Mariko said...

Rebel! Great pictures! Looks like it was a fun day.

delilas said...

I am calling the principal. I love the zoo and what a treat for those younger kids. The last time we went the lion cubs were babies, my how they have grown *pinch there cheeks*. It was fun to have a picture of you in the mix.

shannon said...

Suddenly homesick for DC. DC is right up there among the best cities in spring!

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