Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes I Was

So I woke up this morning to Katie screaming at the top of her lungs "Becky!!! Be quiet! Mom is sleeping!!!"

Yes. Yes I was. made me think about I despaired of teaching her how to talk and all the worry that I felt that she wasn't learning to speak as quickly as I would have liked.

Of course, now what would I give if she would learn how to be quiet!


So...I am trying to remember this as I despair that she might never potty train, and the awful visions I have of sending her to high school with a backpack full of spare diapers.


Kimber said...

Well, if you ever live by us, we could send Mat and Katie to school together with their spare pull-ups; I wonder if he's ever going to fully get it down!

Charlene said...

Maybe Caleb and her can be diaper buddies!!:) Don't worry, it'll come...that's what people keep telling me!! Mine is 3 1/2 if that makes you feel better or maybe worse?
He now wears underwear day and night and only runs upstairs once a day to put on a pull-up to poop in. I don't know if I should be mad that he didn't poop in the toilet or be grateful he didn't poop in his underwear!!! I consider him potty-trained...until he realizes those pull-ups will be gone soon.....what will he do???

Lara said...

My nephew went off to kindergarten still in diapers and the peer pressure of school got him trained really fast!

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