Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a Zoo.

When I was a kid, field trips were awesome.

We left early. We got back late. And we had a really good time.

We did day trips, overnighters and even week long adventures.

We did a boat trip out to Catalina, we went to Yosemite, we went whale watching, we went to Sacramento. I can't even remember all the places we went, but it was always an adventure.

Nowadays, it's not that way. There isn't enough money for buses and the teachers don't really want to go. And the kids hardly ever do anything truly special.

A trip to the National Zoo should have been fun.

But, after spending two hours on the bus to get to the Zoo (after the bus drives got lost -- seriously, who doesn't have a GPS nowadays?) We were able to spend one very quick hour at the zoo and then spend almost another two hours on the bus to get home.


Luckily, we took a good route through the zoo and we were able to see all the big things and still make it back to the buses on time. Thank goodness for happy girls who made the best of things.


Monique said...

You got some teriffic shots, Denise! I guess there just wasn't enough money to pick a really GOOD bus company, I think a driver should come prepared, GPS or no GPS! Sorry you had to spend so much time travelling, not leaving enough sight seeing time...

Lara said...

Between getting lost and the drivers religiously avoiding freeways, I feel like our field trip times are cut in half by the painfully long commutes.

You had some cool field trips growing up. My kids definitely have done much cooler things than I ever did.

By the way the zoo photos are awesome!

Helena said...

One hour at the zoo? Dang.

Great picture of the golden tamarin!

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