Thursday, May 13, 2010

By the Numbers

I know i've fallen off the face of the earth. it the numbers:

In May:

1 ER visit
2 trips away from home
3 birthday parties
4 field trips
6 doctor visits
8 photo shoots
9 baseball games
11 school functions
12 piano lessons
27 hours spent working at the middle school on the play

I know I'm missing stuff...but that looks like the highlights.

Hopefully, I can come back soon with pictures.


Lara said...

Dang girl, you are BUSY! Hopefully you can at least cut down on the ER and doctor visits this month.

Pressed Petals said...

sounds like our schedule!

alexandra said...

I love the fact that you feel like you've fallen off the face of the planet when you've posted five times in the last two weeks.

That must mean I've reached the outer fringes of the galaxy by now!

Heather said...

Yeah Denise, I don't blog for months at a time and people wonder if I've already had the baby. :) I still have 6-7 weeks left.

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