Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Future as a Detective

Seriously, I know some of you only come for the photos...but I am back logged.

So, you just get another funny little story instead.

As you know, Troy has been travelling a lot.

Well, he got back from a trip on Thrusday of last week, and he pulled up in a cab.

Mikayla is peering out the window to see who it is, and says, "Is that Dad?"

I look and confirm that it is indeed her father.

She says, "What's he doing home. Isn't he supposed to be on a trip?"

Me: "He was on a trip."

Her: "But he just barely left."

Me: "Um, Mikayla he's been gone for a week."

Her: "He has?!?!?!?! I didn't even notice."

I'm just not sure if this means that Mikayla isn't very observant, or if Troy just travels too much.


Jeff said...

Maybe Mikayla could be a detective; however, the detective might be Inspector Clousseau. :-)

Anonymous said...

We totally get this in our house too. "Dad's gone?" "Where is he this week?" even though we've talked about it AND put it on the calendar. But my favorite is after him being gone two days, "What time will Dad be coming home from work today?" Ummmmm.....that would be Friday.


Lara said...

LOL! There are times when I'm sure my kids wouldn't notice whether Glen was on a trip either!

Emily Merchant said...

Ha ha ha.

So, the real question is: is Troy just that non-essential and dispensible or are you just so good that the kids don't even notice one parent is missing?

alexandra said...

It's a defense mechanism.

Kimber said...

We go through bouts of that here, too!

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