Monday, July 9, 2012

footloose and fancy free

well...we did it.

we drove for 39 hours...stopping only for gas, food and potty breaks...and we made it safely to utah.

we were able to spend the 4th of july up on kolob was lovely and cool and a super great way to spend the day.

look at the size of these dandelions! they were almost as big as Katie's head!

and of course, I had to get a photo of our tree. if that were not enough...we got in the car and drove 6 more hours to spend my birthday with my family.

I don't know why...but 41 seemed so much more difficult than 40...but it's been a great 41st year so far!

1 comment:

Shaelyn said...

Whoa! Those dandelions are super big! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

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