Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer - At Last!!

The kids finished school today and they are so excited for summer.

So am I!

The kids have had a great year and I love seeing how much they change in just nine short months!






The kids all changed so much this year...but look at my sweet Becky. She started out so little and has grown up so much! She's such a little lady.

One more remembrance for the year?

Josh's stinkin' shoes.

He went through five pairs of shoes this year...and these ones barely made it!


Mariko said...

Your kids are the most beautiful children EVER! Mikayla's hair grew out so fast! I am super jealous of all that length! And Becky did grow up the most. So cute!

Abby said...

What a cute post! I loved getting to see the changes. Your kids are so adorable.

Tamee said...

Okay first off, the kids have all changed especially Mikalya. But you can really see how your photography skill have improved. Great pictures! The color is so true and the light is a perfect white. Good job my friend.

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