Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Musings

So...I have been asked several times, by several different people where I have been.

I've been here.

um. Mostly.

It has been a busy travel season for us.

Troy and I went to London. And to Utah.

And then the family went to Florida.

And I flew to Utah again.

Did I say I'd been here?

I might have to rethink that statement.

But...for all that has happened, including halloween, Josh's birthday and Thanksgiving...I have been rather quiet.

And I'm hoping to remedy that today...and hopefully in the days to come.

Today's talks at church were all about gratitude and they really got me thinking.

One of the talks was by our very own Miss Emma, who gave her first talk in sacrament meeting and did a marvelous job.

Emma said in her talk not expressing gratitude is like wrapping a present and then not giving it.

Another speaker said that true gratitude requires an actual expression of those feelings.

And the third speaker talked about being grateful for our trials.

All of these talks seemed directly aimed at me...and I felt the need to say out grateful I am for my life.

For my trials.

For my pain.

For the adversity.

And for all the good that comes from facing down the hard things and making it out the other side.

But...more than just making it...coming out stronger.

And happier.

And feeling so richly blessed that words seems inadequate.

But...words are all I have right now.

I know we are each at different places in our lives and having trials means something different for everyone.

Sometimes we have trials and it's all we can do to survive them.

Sometimes we have trials and they seem more than we can bear.

And sometimes...when we're ready...we have trials that knock us to the ground...and by the grace of God...we are lifted up again.

Carried in His arms.

And blessed more than we ever imagined possible.

So...if you've been wondering where I am...i'm still here.

And i'm good.

Really, really good.


Shari said...

I have missed you, glad to know all is well and you are doing good. :) Sounds like you have been a busy, busy girl.
Thank you for the reminder about gratitude and all we have to be thankful for, especially those trials that make us stronger. :)

lbugsh2 said...

I am grateful for you. And that through all your business and trials you think of others.

Puhlman said...

Thanks for the post. I am grateful too. Even though I feel like I am still on my butt...I know God loves me...I think he does anyway...and I'm waiting and praying and searching for a way to get up. I can't be here forever and I think if I try harder and pray harder and be better and do better that maybe...just maybe....I will be able to rise. SOON I HOPE.

Lara said...

I've missed reading about your adventures and your positive outlook through tough times, but I'm happy to hear that your life has been busy in a mostly good way.

Heather said...

Well said, my friend.

Robin said...

I'm grateful for trials too! Especially when they help you to help others. Those are the best!

Oh ya, and I'm grateful for you! (Not that you are a trial) :).

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