Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poor Baby

My poor baby.

The surgery went really well. Troy was nervous on the way to the hospital ... i don't think he slept well last night. I'm not sure i've ever seen him nervous before.

But...once he got checked in and prepped, he was a rock.

And I turned back into a worried mess.

The surgery was about 45 minutes and they removed about a half dollar size section from the top of his head. We go back tomorrow for them to take the bandages off. He's got 14 staples. 

They will send the section they removed to a lab at Boston University for processing. We will know in about two weeks if he is cancer free. We have (as does the doctor) -- very high hopes.

Let's have a party when we know for sure.

(He's a good sport, isn't he?)


Jolinda said...

DENISE!! I am sooo sorry and so hopeful at the same time. I know the Lord will bless you with all that you and your family need at this time. I love you. Take care of your "poor baby".

Melanie said...

LOL!! Ok, cancer is not funny, but these pics are hilarious! Poor Troy! I hope he sleeps well tonight.

EmmaJ said...

So glad that surgery went well. How drugged up was he to let you take these pictures FROM ALL SIDES! Even with drugs he is such a good sport.

Monique said...

I'm glad the procedure went well, and I'm crossing my fingers for a happy ending! And YES, he's an extremely good sport indeed, I don't think theo would have aloowed me to take pictures like these... Please wish him a speedy recovery!

Hilary said...

Man, that guy loves you.
Drew would never let me post pictures like that on my blog.
Also, it might hurt my advertising. :)
I'm glad things look good.
I'll say a little prayer for you. IT will put a break in my current prayer monotony.

Lara said...

Four things:
1. I'm so glad the surgery went well.
2. I hope the test results are positive.
3. 14 staples.....OUCH!
3. Troy is an awesomely good sport! :)

Tamee said...

What? I had no idea! Troy looks crazy! Denise, you call me if you need help with the kids.

Kimber said...

I'm glad things went well; I too think Troy was a good sport - albeit a possibly drugged one - to allow you to take those pics :)

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