Monday, June 20, 2011

Cause He's the Dad

We had an excellent father's day -- well, at least I did, so I am hoping Troy did too.

The kids made cards and Josh included some coupons in his. Troy's favorite coupon was the one which promised that Josh would give him a whole hour alone. lol! 

Joe's card showed his vision of his super dad ... and for some reason, I was falling off a tall building when Troy swooped in to save me.

Should I be worried that Joe sees me needing to be rescued or that I am falling off a building?

The kids got Troy this great Super Dad card -- and we doctored up the photo on the card to show our own favorite Super Dad.

What more perfect card could you find for Troy than one that has him wearing socks, sandals, and a cape. Classic Troy.

I also made Troy a little gift and made him this little frame with an "I LOVE YOU MORE THAN COKE ZERO" sign.

BTW, It's true.

I know.


We also found Husker of Troy's favorite kids game.

I love you Troy.

Thanks for being such a great Dad!!!

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