Friday, May 6, 2011

Presenting.... I am.

Almost on the other side of the play.

And I am very grateful that it is almost over. I watched the performance tonight and I pondered on all the hours I spent sewing and gluing and creating. And the sacrifices my family made so I could help...I remembered that I do this...not for the recognition, but because I love my children and I want to help them however I can.

And it isn't only my own children. I love all these kids ... each and every one of them is special to me and I am so glad I got to work with them. They are amazing.

So...without further ado...I present to you...Parkside Players....Beauty and the Beast.

This is Belle (Sara). Her grandmother made this dress. I thought it was perfection. 

Here is the Beast (played by Matt. I made his chest piece and gloves. I really thought it made his beastness complete. 

Here's Emma. She is a shepherd.

Here's Gaston (played by Joey). Dawn made his vest. I thought it turned out great. I made his muscles...which were hilarious. And even added chest hair for a little realism. Maybe too much realism. LOL! 

Here are the silly girls (Natalie, Hannah, Mariah and Steffi). Sheri, Hannah's grandmother and Natalie's mom made the dresses. Aren't they so cute?

Here are Lumiere and Cogsworth (played by Cameron and Jason).  I made Lumiere...right down to his candlesticks...which turn on and off. I think the candlesticks were my favorite thing I made.

And on Cogsworth...Kersti made his jacket, but the hat and clock are me.

Here is Mrs. Potts (played by Haley). She was my toughest I think...because I had to sew her and shockingly...there are no teapot patterns out there. I ended up having to make her a second skirt so she could be human at the end...since I had to sew this skirt right onto the hoop to help it keep it's shape.

Here's Emma again...this time a villager. She gets to faint in this scene when Gaston flexes...she's a cute little fainter.

Gaston and LeFou (played by Joey and Spencer).

Just had to show off the back of Cogsworth. Love that little key.

Here is Babette (played by Samantha). Kersti made her feathery skirt. I took care of her apron, the hat and the wrist pieces.

Here is Madame de la Gran Bouche and Belle (played by Rachel and Sara). The wardrobe was another tough costume. I actually ended up making this one twice...since the first one did not allow her enough range of movement. I thought it turned out so cute. The wig really pulls it together.

Here's Emma as soup du jour.

The castle staff were so cute. They were all dressed as maids with different hair pieces. Mikayla did a great job putting the maid caps together.

I wish this photo were better...but I made 8 wolves and I loved how they turned out. The wolf scenes were some of my favorite in the show.

Cogsworth, Beast and Lumiere.

Here's Joe. He's chip and he was totally adorable. He had a few solo lines in the songs and he rocked it! Ben's grandmother made the chip...I just added the straps and the chip.

Belle is her beautiful dress her grandmother made ... which is in only about 2 minutes of the show. Dang it.

The Prince (played by Hunter). Hannah's grandmother also made the vest. The cloak is one I made a few years back.

Chip and Mrs. Potts. (Haley and Joe)

It was such a great show. I am so proud to be associated with such a great group of kids. You guys rock!


EmmaJ said...

It all looks amazing! You are a superstar and I can't believe you made all those great costumes AND do all you do everyday.

valentim said...

Denise, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Without you and all the other moms that spent countless hours, this performance would have never been a go. It was my favorite of the 3 that the girls have done together. Tonight's show was awesome - all the actors were fantastic. I couldn't be more proud of all of them.

Monique Valentine

Hilary said...

I have to say that though I feel insane when I am making our family's costumes, I do enjoy envisioning things & then making it happen on my own.
You did a great job, Denise! Bravo!

Lara said...

Once again you've proven yourself to be a wonder woman! Each of the costumes looks gorgeous...what a wonderful labor of love for you.

Shaelyn said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! All totally breathtaking. This is all so creative and I just have to say how amazing you are!! Plus, I totally wish I could be there to see the show in person. Thanks for posting the pictures though! :)

Kimber said...

All I can say is WOW - those costumes are simply amazing! What a great mother you are to support your kids in this way :)

Abby said...

Wow! The costumes look great :) I wish I could sew as well as you. You are awesome!

Helena said...

Wow, lots of work! Everything looks amazing!

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