Friday, May 20, 2011


Not only did Mikayla get her braces off today, she also went to her first school dance.

She looked so beautiful.

She met up with Sami to take photos:

And then we headed to Nathan's to take photos with a bunch of her friends:

Morgan, Riley, Mikayla and Sami

Mikayla and Cameron

EJ and Mikayla

Emily, Matt, and Mikayla. Oh Matt Gray. He was funny. He needed to have someone else in the photo so it wouldn't feel like a "date" photo. Love this age.

Chelsea, Riley, Emily , Mikayla, Morgan and Sami

KayLeigh and Mikayla

I love these kids!  

They had so much. This has been a great year!


Andrea said...

Cute pictures! Anna and I went by Nathan's on Friday night to get ice cream and saw all these kids in fancy dresses so decided not to go. I bet it was you guys!!

Helena said...


Lara said...

Wow, she is just gorgeous!!!

Mariko said...

She is beautiful!!

Kimber said...

Mikayla looks so beautiful - and grown up - in these pictures!

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