Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Can Take the Girl out of California

We are enjoying our time in California. We could not ask for better weather...apparently we brought the warm weather with us. It's been nice.

Mikayla was saying how funny it was that Californias just love it when it gets warm so they can go to the beach or water park, whereas Virgnians hate when it gets warm...cause you know what a Virginia summer feels like.

What caught me off guard was the realization that Mikayla considers herself a Virginian and I found that I still consider myself a Califonian.

How funny. It's been years since I lived here full time, but I guess some things die hard.

But, seriously, when did I start raising Virginians?


Pressed Petals said...

as a so cal girl, i still catch myself saying "dude".

Lia said...

Once a Californian, Always a Californian. I still think the same way and I've been in Virginia for 15 years.

Shaelyn said...

I feel the same way. I was born in California and even though I only lived there for nine years, I like to say I am a Californian!!

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