Friday, July 23, 2010

Duck and Cover

Becky and Katie are afraid of just about every living creature.

I kid you not.

Bugs...of any kind...dogs, cats, etc.

You name it, and they are afraid of it.

I don't know why I thought they might enjoy the ducks...but I really did think they would think it was fun to feed them...boy was I wrong!

They seriously worked themsevels into a panic as we walked past the ducks, and were able to calm down only when they climbed up onto a table.

I wound up feeding the ducks the entire first bag of seed before the girls thought it might be fun to try it themselves.

Those ducks can eat!

And wouldn't you know it...those girls have done nothing since except ask me when they can go back and do it again.

Think they will need to table?


They did enjoy the rest of the park.


Lara said...

That 2nd picture of them throwing the seed is the cutest EVER!!!

Puhlman said...

OH my gosh....they are soooooooo cute Denise. WOW. Katie is growing up so much. I would be afraid of them too. Look at them. They are everywhere. :)

alexandra said...

Funny how kids can be so afraid of things. A friend took Avery to feed the ducks back when he was only 3 or 4 and he was so traumatized by the entire event that for weeks afterwards he'd come into our room complaining of having had nightmares about "spookies, candles, and geese."

Like he did, I'm sure your girls will get over it sooner or later!

Helena said...

Awww! LOL!

Kimber said...

So I guess a petting zoo is out for the reunion?


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