Thursday, June 17, 2010


My baby is three.


Seriously, I suppose it's time to stop calling her the baby, but I think she will always feel like she is.

We celebrated a day early since tomorrow is a little nuts...and we had a great time. Every kid needs to have a birthday party at chuck e cheese at least once in their life, and this time was Katie's turn.

She had a great time and just kept jumping from ride to ride and every few minutes I would hear her say, "Mommy, I need more money."

LOL! I guess that probably won't change either.

Katie is such a great little girl. I get a charge out of just about everything she does. She is hilarious and is constantly saying funny things.

And she is just so certain about everything.

Three things I really love about Katie:

1. She is so sweet and happy and when she says sorry she just has to touch your face first.
2. She thinks she is big...and knows way too many things for a girl of only three -- like all the words to a bunch of Taylor Swift songs.
3. She has the best laugh. It's loud and cute and makes you want to laugh right along with her.

I'm so glad she's mine.

Happy Birthday Katie!


Monique said...

Happy third birthday, Katie!
Hope you had fun and lots of presents! I LOVE your star glasses!
Safe travels, Denise!

Kimber said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Kids just grow up too fast :(

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