Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love Lucy, Episode 3512

The children are helping clean the house as I buzz around the kitchen, pleased at how the day is going.

The house is coming along nicely. There is a fruit salad in the fridge, crudite carefully cut and prepped, and a roast in the crock pot, all set for dinner.

The final touch will the the homemade chocolate cake, Ricky's (oh I mean Troy's) favorite.

[In case you can't's all going too well at this point.]

So...with everything cooked or nearly cooked, it's time to clean the kitchen.

I am wiping down the stove...and this is where the camera would pan in to watch me accidentally bump the temperature dial from a lovely 350 degrees to an unholy 500 degrees.

That's right. Totally unaware of the calamity that has just occurred, I go on my merry way, content to let the buzzer tell me that my cake it done.

Sadly for nose told me I smelled the acrid odor of charcoal emanating from the direction of my kitchen.

And thus concludes another episode. Tune in next time.



alexandra said...

Cut off the severely burnt outer edges and pass it off as a molten lava cake. :)

Melanie said...


Cheryl said...

Just too cute! We watched a lot of the Lucy Marathon on Hallmark last week so we were tuned in.
Happy Birthday Troy.

Monique said...

Imagine how boring life would be without a little Lucy every now and then....

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