Wednesday, August 29, 2012

End of an Era

well...i knew today was coming...but i wasn't any more ready for it than i thought i would be.

katie is starting kindergarten next week.

i can hardly believe it.

and in preparation for kindergarten we decided to cut her hair -- for the first time EVER!

Her hair was so long and as much as i love it, i could not see sending her to school with all that hair.

plus it was an opportunity to do an act of service since her hair was long enough to donate to locks of love.

i thought i might cry, but i managed to hold it together -- i think the fact that i was intent on documenting the whole thing was probably a good thing.

And now...she looks so darn grown up! heart be still.

here's the side by side comparison:

she looks  totally ready to face the world.

wish i were as ready to send her out into it!!


Hilary said...

Seriously? Denise with no kids. Can't even believe it's true.
We're all growing up.

lbugsh2 said...

So pretty just like her mama.

Mariko said...

I love that long hair, but that girl would even look good with blue hair with green polka-dots! Love Katie Beatty!

All your kiddos in school, yet you will be even busier than ever!

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