Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things You Don't Expect

A couple of weeks ago we took Mikayla to the dermatologist.

She had an unusual mole on her leg that is growing and changing in both color and shape. We were very concerned about it.

And after everything we've been through in the last year...there is no messing around with these kinds of things.

Sure enough, the dermatologist wanted to have the mole removed and biopsied, but it was so large she referred us to a plastic surgeon.

Well...we met with the plastic surgeon this morning and he too feels we need to have the mole removed.

He is hopeful that the mole is most likely benign (thank goodness), but also feels like this is exactly the type of mole that can turn into something later in life (especially with Mikayla's family history) and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

So...in a couple of weeks Mikayla will have surgery to remove the mole. It's a good size mole and will leave her with a 2 to 3 inch scar (hence the plastic surgeon). 

She is a little nervous about the procedure, but I know she's going to do really well. 

And really, as she said, "Well...if you're going to have a big, ol scar, I guess it's better to have on your leg than somewhere else. It will be a good story."

lol. That's my girl!

So...consider this a little public service announcement and remember not only to do your own skin self checks, but also get to know your children's skin as well...so you will know when things are new or beginning to change.

Remember...it's never too early, and they are never too young.

We will keep you updated on the results of both Mikayla's surgery and the results of the biopsy.

And if you haven't yet watched this amazing video, please take a moment:


Happy Scrap Girl said...

I'm certain everything will be fine as the dr. said. I know the waiting is stressful and your family knows the all too real fear of the "C" word. Sending prayers and hugs...

Shari said...

Denise I am sorry you guys are having to go through this again and like Happy I'm sure it will all be well in the end. Prayers to you guys.
Can I also thank you for the video you posted. I was so uneducated on some of those facts and as the mother of a daughter that lifeguards all summer and loves to be tan it really stopped me in my tracks. I sent it to her and posted it on my 16 year old son's Facebook page.
Thank you. It just might save a life.

Lara said...

What a scary experience for both of you. I hope everything goes well with the procedure and thank goodness you're tuned in on what to look for.

Robin said...

We will keep her and your whole family in our prayers. We love you!

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